TO Provide new insights into the practice of enterprise risk using cognition as a design  tool

“Global Compliance Associates delivers a unique set of integrated solutions combining extensive hands-on experience with practical risk program design with our staff in mind”

"The Human-Machine interaction is the most overlooked and least understood source of exposure to operational risks.  GCA has combined a multidisciplinary approach to managing ERM through a cognitive risk advisory practice and selective technologies designed to help mitigate uncertainty,"  James Bone

James Bone,

President & Principal Consultant

Advancements in technology to manage cybersecurity, risk management, compliance and audit functions will require risk professionals to rethink the tools they use today. Risk professionals must become designers of risk mitigation programs around the weakest link....the human element.

Founded in 2009, after leadership roles in risk management and regulatory compliance in financial services and insurance the idea to build a risk practice based on decision science has become a reality.

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About Us

After nine years of research and 30 years of "hands-on" experience, the first Cognitive Risk Framework for Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management was created in a quest to understand the Cyber Security Paradox, the book Cognitive Hack explains why cognitive is the new focus in risk.

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